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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 47 – Fiber, Meet DOCSIS4.0 – Cable’s Upgrade Path to 10Gbps

After a quick HFC primer, Grant Joslin, VP of US Telecom Equity Research at Credit Suisse, will explain the upgrade path for HFC operators from the current state to DOCSIS4.0. Credit Suisse’s financial modeling and industry immersion work suggests the evolution to DOCSIS4.0 is a cheaper-than-feared upgrade that has benefits beyond just its 9Gbps/5Gbps speeds, including more reliability and more manageability. In contrast to the durable nature of investors’ debates on the cable broadband subscriber growth and pricing, in their view capex concerns are demonstrably overdone, and the ultimate benefits of DOCSIS4.0 upgrades are not yet broadly considered.

Webinar Presenter

Grant Joslin is a Vice President at Credit Suisse with equity research coverage in the US Communications sector and leads telecom technology and regulatory efforts. As an equity research analyst, Grant models and gathers evidence about telecom and media industry trends, producing reports and events to help inform HF/LO investment decisions as part of the II #4-ranked team. His work to understand the telecom industry encompasses new consumer applications, household budgets, the outlook for new entrants, regulatory and industry structure, and technical accounting. Grant joined Credit Suisse in 2018 from Deloitte in London. He is a past winner of the AICPA’s Elijah Watt Sells Award and holds a B.S. and Masters in Accounting from the Ohio State University.