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Fiber for Breakfast 2022 Week 51 – Is Quantum the Next “Killer App” for Fiber Broadband?

Quantum Physics, what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”, is at the heart of the world’s next technological revolution, the Quantum Age. In this Fiber for Breakfast session, Dr. Duncan Earl, president, co-founder, and Chief Technology Officer at quantum networking company, Qubitekk, will speak about the progress being made in quantum technologies, their possible future implications, and what fiber broadband practitioners can do to get ready for the Quantum Age.

Webinar Guest

Dr. Duncan Earl, physicist and founder of quantum networking company Qubitekk, spent nearly 20 years conducting energy and defense-related research and development at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the fields of quantum sources, quantum computing and quantum cryptography. Today Earl’s focus lies squarely in applying his findings toward building quantum networks, critical precursors to the coming quantum-enabled internet.

A nationally recognized pioneer in the field of practical quantum applications, Earl holds numerous patents, has served on steering committees for organizations including QED-C and NIST and frequently advises policymakers about quantum networking solutions to some of the country’s foremost challenges.