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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 21 – Planning the Future of Fiber Networks: 4S Design Considerations

Our industry faces a tremendous moment of opportunity to connect the unconnected and deliver access to transformative applications – and fiber networks are at the center of it all. Meeting this moment calls for a new commitment to innovation in the passive optical network in four key areas – the S4 model:

Speed: From broadband networks to the data center, operators must build faster, to stay ahead of surging bandwidth demand and meet required timelines for government-supported projects.

Size: Space is increasingly at a premium, whether in the field, a central office or a spine-to-leaf link inside a data center. Maximizing fiber density is critical.

Simplicity: Skilled labor in the field remains scarce; operators need solutions to help them scale with fewer resources and minimize errors.

Sustainability: Network architects need optical solutions with a reduced carbon footprint to meet their aggressive environmental targets and build a more sustainable world.

O’Day will discuss how delivering the promise of Internet for All will require sustained commitment to innovation in all four S’s from the entire industry ecosystem — operators, standards bodies, installers, and equipment manufacturers. He will also share some of Corning’s newest innovations in each of these areas.

Presenter: Michael O’Day, Chief Technology Officer, Corning Optical Communications