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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 25 – Understanding The Future FTTH Forecast…and The Place Of Diverse Provider Types

The fiber broadband revolution we are seeing today, building fiber all the way to each home and business, hasn’t happened by accident. It is occurring because of the distinct visions and needs of a wide variety of Internet service providers.

Michael Render with RVA will briefly review the unprecedented North American fiber broadband forecast for the next five years and beyond, and then discuss what is driving about 1,300 entities including small telcos, large telcos, municipalities, municipal utilities, private competitive providers, cable companies, MSOs, rural electric cooperatives, land developers, and tribes…. to all contribute to the fiber movement in their own way. Finally, when applying for government BEAD funding, some of the likely sales arguments of large versus small providers will be highlighted.

Presenter: Michael Render, CEO & Principal Analyst, RVA LLC