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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 27 – Once an Underserved Community Gets a Fiber Network What Can They Do With It

A nonprofit launched in 2012, US Ignite collaborates with smart communities and research testbeds to drive high-impact solutions to their toughest challenges. Operating like a high-tech startup, our organization delivers timely results by applying technical expertise, stakeholder engagement, and targeted tools. US Ignite works tirelessly to ensure our programs are effective and reach the communities that need them the most.

Local governments need to improve their quality of life and ensure economic development in their communities, particularly during a time of rapid technological change. As a trusted partner, US Ignite brings this entire ecosystem together, successfully pairing financial investment with technical and organizational expertise. Through the public-private partnership (P3) programs we run, US Ignite is a catalyst for communications network advancement, and for innovation in smart city services that are powered by a new generation of technologies.

Presenter: Nick Maynard PhD, Co-founder and CEO, US Ignite