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Fiber for Breakfast 2023 Week 26 – Counties Mobilize for High Speed Internet Connectivity

A key ingredient to successfully deploying a high-speed internet or fiber project is to collaborate with local governments. Counties are on the front lines of ensuring their residents receive access to quality, high-speed internet services that will allow residents to thrive. Learn from the National Association of Counties, or NACo, on how counties across the country are mobilizing to deploy high-speed internet to their communities in anticipation of historic infrastructure investment funding in broadband infrastructure and affordability measures. Understand the county and local government’s role in high-speed internet as well – where a local government can serve a variety of roles including policymaker, partner, funder, data aggregator and community convener among other roles.

Webinar Presenter: Seamus Dowdall, Associate Legislative Director for Telecommunications & Technology, National Association of Counties (NACo)