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Fiber for Breakfast 2024 Week 1 – Wi-Fi 7 + Fiber: Delivering the Next Generation of Home Connectivity

Wi-Fi® speeds have increased with each new generation. While the coming 7th generation of Wi-Fi delivers expected speed improvements, the Wi-Fi industry is increasingly shifting its focus to improving the consistency of performance and quality of service. High bandwidth, low latency applications like AR/VR/XR, hybrid work and rich telepresence, and Industrial IoT are experiencing rapid adoption, and countries and service providers are striving to meet the demand for multigigabit service. The cutting-edge capabilities of Wi-Fi 7 will enable innovations that require high throughput, consistent low latency, and greater reliability, and fiber will be a key component to delivering the advanced connectivity of Wi-Fi across home, enterprise, and industrial environments. Join us to learn more about how Wi-Fi 7 and fiber support multigigabit service goals.

Guest Presenter: Kevin Robinson, President and CEO, Wi-Fi Alliance®