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Fiber for Breakfast 2024 Week 26 – Net Promoter Score (NPS): More Than Just a Number – Elevating the Customer Experience

Join FBA Marketing Committee members Kimberly Biddy, Ray Monasterski, Katherine Songster, and NPS expert Mike Render for an exploration of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This Fiber for Breakfast episode will introduce a new NPS initiative led by the FBA Marketing Committee that will identify NPS recommendations. Learn more about the history of NPS and the unique opportunity it presents for network operators, equipment and software vendors, and consulting and engineering firms to elevate the customer experience across the entire broadband ecosystem.

Special Guests:

Kimberly Biddy, Manager of Social, Digital, and Traditional Media Brand Strategies, EPB

Ray Monasterski, Business Development, ASK

Mike Render, RVA LLC Market Research & Consulting

Katherine Songster, Communications Director, Harry – an integrated marketing agency