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Fiber for Breakfast 2024 Week 6 – An AI Guide for Broadband CXOs: What’s real and what’s hype?

Join Ned Brody (CEO of Actifai) in a focused session, tailored for broadband executives to demystify AI’s practical applications in today’s sea of theoretical use cases and overhyped claims. Learn to identify effective AI deployment areas within your organization, and how industry-specific data sets can be a game-changer. Gain insight into AI-driven software applications being used today, including one that delivers personalized offers and marketing to broadband customers. This concise session is designed to provide a clear, actionable understanding of AI’s role in enhancing communications service providers’ revenue. It’s an essential guide for broadband business leaders eager to leverage AI’s real-world benefits in a rapidly evolving landscape of new AI solutions.

Guest Presenter: Ned Brody, CEO, Actifai