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Fiber For Breakfast Week 45 – Competitive Broadband in the Multi-Gig World: Don’t Count Cable Out

As the drive to connect more and more subscribers with high speed Broadband continues, and new consumer applications require more speed, the industry is moving beyond one gig to multi-gig functionality. Fiber providers have a very elegant and simple path to transition from GPON to 10 Gigabits per second XGS-PON functionality. Cable operators, having delivered one gig downstream with DOCSIS 3.1, are now working diligently to provide multi gig functionality with their DOCSIS 4.0 upgrade program. This webinar will examine the status and expected timing of the DOCSIS 4.0 rollout, and the relative economics of deployment for both existing and new network footprints. The disparate ways that fiber and cable operators currently compete will also be examined. Finally, the importance and potential timing of high capacity upstream applications will be examined.

Guest Presenter: Paul Connolly, Telecom and Networks Practice Leader, Entropy, Inc.