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Fiber for Breakfast Week 48 – Artificial Intelligence: Powered by Fiber-Rich Networks

As fiber takes center stage in the ongoing work of bringing high-speed connectivity to homes, businesses, and communities, it’s also playing a pivotal role in another fast-moving technology trend: Artificial intelligence. From healthcare to education, from manufacturing to finance, new AI applications are emerging every day. To support these applications, data centers must build a second layer of computing with many more fiber links, according to Mike O’Day, Chief Technology Officer, Corning Optical Communications. O’Day will explain how large-language-model data centers will require up to 5 times more optical connectivity compared with today’s hyperscale architectures. He will also chart the expected capacity growth of the largest hyperscale data centers and describe how Corning’s engineers are creating the next generation of innovations to help operators stay ahead of the growth.

Guest Presenter: Michael P. O’Day, Chief Technology Officer, Corning Optical Communications