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Where’s the Funding? Ep. 5: Navigating the Letter of Credit

In this episode, attendees will be able to get three perspectives on the Letter of Credit; they will be able to hear about the legal view from Philip J. Macres, they will get the point of view from ISPs through Elizabeth Bowles, and they can also get the perspective of banks through Pierce Verchick.

Philip has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications sector and during that time has seen over $100 million in funding awarded to his clients. He has participated in litigation and policy resolution at both the state and federal level, including in front of the FCC. He has experience working with RDOF, BEAD, NTIA’s Middle Mile, USDA’s ReConnect, Community Connect, Telecommunications Infrastructure Loan, and ARPA’s SLFRF and CPF programs.

Elizabeth guides the strategic direction and vision of Aristotle’s ISP division, Digital Product Development Lab division, and Digital Marketing Agency division. She plays an integral role in the development of Aristotle’s business relationships, including partnerships, investment strategies, and joint ventures. Elizabeth is currently serving a two-year term on the FCC’s newly established Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee.

Pierce has been with LiveOak Bank since 2015, and has overseen over $100 million in spall business transactions. He and his team are primarily responsible providing senior debt solutions to companies in the broadband, internet service and data infrastructure industries.